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Welcome to the PZ3 Live Newsroom! Below you will find general information and resources for the media attending PZ3 Live.

About PetZONE360™

PetZONE360™, also known as PZ3, is the first and most comprehensive marketplace and community platform dedicated for pet parents. It is America’s only platform that features pet shops, services, veterinary centers, and more all in one place with numerous resources for pet lovers across North America. Visit

The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas The Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas

About PZ3 Live

PZ3 Live is a one-of-a-kind expo dedicated to providing veterinary and technology professionals clarity on the best technology to improve efficiency, save on operational costs, and help improve a practice’s bottom line. In our mission to promote animal and pet health, PZ3 Live generates a platform to showcase pet-related technology to help pet parents care for their pets.

It will be held annually at the Expo at World Market Center Las Vegas, located in Nevada, USA. The inaugural event will be held on April 25-27, 2025.

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Media & Press Guidelines

  • Press Registration shall be complimentary for working press or journalists who will be gathering and reporting news for their publications or platforms.
  • Publications or platforms must be animal health or pet related, and not advertising, marketing, or public relations related.
  • A maximum of two (2) complimentary badges will be provided per approved company.
  • A copy or link of the publication(s) shall be provided to PZ3 Live upon release of such publication(s).
  • Photo ID and/or Business Card will be required upon badge pickup.
  • Advance registration is strongly recommended.
  • Send your request for complimentary press registration through our Contact Form.
  • Complimentary press badges are given at the discretion of PZ3 Live. PZ3 Live reserves the right to approve, deny, or rescind press badges at any time.

Who does not qualify for a press badge at PZ3 Live?

  • Public Relations Representative working for PZ3 Live Exhibitors. Check with the exhibitor or your client directly to order your badge.
  • PR/Marketing badge can be ordered independently for $99 (early), $125 (standard), and $149 (late/onsite) under the General Attendee category.
  • Family members of approved media personnel.

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PZ3 Live Media

Media & PR Contact

Lillian McAnally

PZ3 Chief Editor & Communications Officer

Tel: +1.844.746.8326